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Say Good Bye To Wintercraft

Posted by Zwaters25 on September 18, 2013 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (38)

WIntercraft May Be shut Down due to Permission's and Plugin Problems DrtShock Will Be trying his Beset to finish the work that is needed Please Be patient with us and Wintercraft As We are Developing Slower than OTHER Server’s Yes Wintercraft Will be Back But For as i know of {Zwaters25} It Will take min of 5 hour’s if everything goes as planned and max of a week If me and drt stumble upon more lag Spikes and plugin problems.

For the permissions we are not worried about we are just gonna try to find a new plugin For it, For Donations that will be set up next year. NEW PLUGINS HeadShot:Effect For players that uses Bow If you hit someone in Arms with bow {Weackness}Hit Someone in legs {Slowness} Chest {Witherd} Xkills:We Are bringing back gamer gamer+ all of them Because we now can run a command to see how many kills you have. Anticheat:Hack’s Were alloud unless you got cought :p but not no more we have anticheat For the X-RAY and fly So Don’t thank to hack :p or spam ClearChat:To /cc the chat so when we /kick or /ban noone has to ask wtf you do tht for.

P.S:New PLugins Are to come aka:Legendary armor and legendary weapons here links to check out and learn more about it so you know whats happen next : Legendary armor:
; Legendary weapons: Thanks Owner Of Wintercraft, Zwaters25


Posted by Zwaters25 on May 25, 2013 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)
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